Sunday, December 10, 2006

How i get to know of MullaPeriyar Dam!!!

Life is full of surprises... You get to deal with the best of them in the most unexpected fashion!

"Where should we head to", was a hot topic of discussion among all from our wedding planning group. Heading back home in Kovai seemed to be the first choice as per democracy, though me and my love were more inclined to stay back in a Resort on the backwaters to make it a little more special. As with most other things on the wedding, me and her eventually decide to go with the tide on the plan to reach Kovai on the same day.

Thanks to Rahukalam, the time established for us to commence our journey from Cherthala was 03:01pm. This was kind of in sync with our schedule, with the total journey time being ~5 hrs. We hit the highway by 03:15pm and i couldn't wait to reach home and unwind myself (the last few days have been really tiring).

I don't realize time fly by sitting in the car with my love right next to me. My dad gets a phone call at about 05:15pm. A few minutes later, Dad reveals that there is a temporary roadblock at the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border. Not willing to devote any attention to anything other than my love, i am least concerned about the proceedings on the roadblock. About an hour later, my dad gets another call and this is when i realize that the roadblock isn't all that temporary.
I am so glad thinking about the recent Cellphone revolution in India. There isn't a 511 Traffic update or internet site that could have given me this information. You will get the full picture of what i mean as you read more.

By now, I can sense the growing tension and ask for an explanation... As a result of the inconclusive talks on issues related to MullaPeriyar Dam, some of the local politicians are causing a stir on the border and not letting vehicles pass by. Of all the 20 odd years of my stay in Kovai, there has never been such an incident or roadblock. As time progresses, it becomes evident that we aren't going to make it. There is a gloominess in the car by now as to why such an unfortunate incident would happen today... I try to cheer up everyone and look at one of the lodging options in the small town we were in<there are no Google Maps>.

We end up staying in a place called Kairali Towers. About 20 hours later, I get to know that the roadblock was still growing and people who had taken a chance being on the road were indefinitely struck in their cars for a good 30 hours and more!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

An Awesome Wedding!!!

I must admit... Dad n Mom are absolutely fabulous the way they executed everything to perfection!!! I couldn't have asked for more... The beautiful wedding that it was, I wish the wonderful event had never come to an end.

The wedding resort, settings, dais decor and all was nothing but spectacular. It was different, it was creative and it was all i could imagine and want it to be.