Friday, October 20, 2006

Oru rail vandi iylae... en kaadhal pogiradhe!!!

I kind of got to know how long 36 hrs can be...It's Diwali time, and my darling like most other people are heading back home for a sweet vacation!!! It's sad to c tat Indian Railways need such a looong time to cover the short distance between aamchi mumbai & kovai. Trying to think wen was the last time there was this long a gap i hadn't spoken to my gal... It sure looks way distant in the past:-) :-)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FFC Experience!!!

Volunteering with Funtopia was a great experience...It was nice to meet Vasant, Satish, Paddu, Vanitha and all the rest of the crew after a long time. There is s'th about this UK gang- the energy level, vibrance, passion and a whole lot more!!!

Even more wonderful was bein part of the food committee...Pizza, Curd rice, Sambhar saadham, Kesri, Juices for the kids, pakoda, Tea etc were some of the items v were supposed to manage, distribute and sell...and v sure did it with a bang!!!

There is this interestin incident i probably wudn't forget for a while for now...Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep kids away from wat they want and no one could have understood it better than me!!!
The time was around 3'ish and we were almost done with selling lunch packs. Me and Kumar were chattin and watching glimpses of the heavy classical dances performed on stage by a troupe of early teens who don't seem to be leaving the stage even after a few performances...

Here comes a boy, ~6-8 yrs in age, with a gloomy down face looking at the sprite for sale. He asks me if he can have one and i ask him to get a dollar from his parents...15 minutes later, the kid comes back with an even more gloomy face and tells me tat his mom doesn't have any money and stands there as if the whole world is falling apart infront of him!!!

I thot for a second and had this self realization within me... tat this whole event was supposedly to entertain kids, and me sending a kid home disappointed wudn't do justice to the the event itself. I handed over a sprite to the kid and told him not to bother paying for it. He gave me a smile and started walkin towards where his mom was seated... Me and Kumar were watching all of this. As soon as he reached his mom, the kid started jumping with joy displaying the sprite he had won!!! At this point i felt, i had done something worthwhile :-)

This is where the twist sets in...the kid's mom turns back and gives a nice little stare at the food stall and the guy who is aiding all of this tat's happening beyond her control... It takes me 2 seconds to realize after Kumar utters these words "You are goin to get beaten up, buddy" tat this wasn't exactly wat the mom had planned for the kid!!! Adding insult from the well kept drama, kid's mom hands over a dollar to the kid to pay for the sprite... Helplessly, i get the dollar from this kid watching his 32 teeth smile and put it into FFC cash box!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

~ 26H is HistorY ~

Its official now as of this moment...Inspite of all the hindrance within, with not many options left to explore and the long vacation planned for kalyaanam exactly a month away, had to drop a letter in the mail drop to let apt. guys know tat i am packing my bags... feels strange, feels weird and a whole lot different.

Maybe, its just the rusted and dusted inertia tat has grown over these years tat restrains me from even thinkin of loosin this couch n all. A comfort zone is always a dangerous thing - not only does it gets you addicted to it, but also makes you feel extremely good about it!!!

Not having a comfort zone at all is not s'th v r goin to discuss here as tis blog is intended only for the other way round :-)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Me, thanimai & San Jose nagaram...

I skipped watching SOK when my buddies Ranjit, Siva and Satya made plans on a Friday... Was on my way to drop Sumit at SFO Airport. We did meet later on after the movie for a late night dinner at iHop (tis 'i' has nothin to do with Apple :-)) and i got to relish upon a good custom made Chicken Fajita Omlette with pan cakes!!!

Rahman did a fabulous job with the music of SOK...the only song tat didn't catch my attention was 'Munbe vaa'. Newyork Nagaram is nice...I guess i can relate to this song more than ne other song i can think of in the recent times:-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Take off's --->--->--->>>

Its farewell time of the year... It all started with my loooong time buddy Siva moving out of 26H...Ranjit and Nikki left back to India after a short sweet stay here in Bay Area. One day later, Uday is going back to India (leaving 26H) to get his stamping and see the love of his life (guess who, its Laasya...just kiddin :-)) and soon 2 weeks from now, my big time dine out buddy MD will move out as well...It will b a dream come true for MD the day Deepali lands here in SFO... and this day will also mark the silent death of a guy who sits 24/7 infront of a mac playing animated games!!!

Balcony side view

Hall and Foosball


and i guess, the Final Takeoff is nearing too...Soon, i will bid farewell from being a bachelor. Even sooner, i will be leaving 26H... the single point hub for 3+ years, so many friends, countless roommates and unforgettable memories... I owe it to Stephen for getting us this nice apartment with a great balcony view and for being open minded to tryin s'th other than Villa Serra / Valley Green (tat's an Infy thing).