Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vishu Kanni

This Vishu almost got started off on a wrong babes {actually singular but the intensity with which she drives me makes it a plural:-)} was happily wide awake an hr before midnight and we were visiting a friend's place we hadn't met in a long time. In the midst of my conversations, s'th struck me that my babes who was playing upstairs with resident kids is upto yet another mischief...few seconds later, got to realize that she was licking a capsule that was an adult's medicine!

        I remember a friend of mine quoting this to me about kids... its either 3x the excitement or 3x the sadness when u deal with your kids, couldn't agree more. There's never a steady state, the moments of joy aren't contained in a positive way and the whole world comes crumbling down when they are down with slightest of the pain!

Luckily, this was only a scare that made us realize how much more careful we need to be while dealing with a bubbly, mischievous, naughty little babes... I am hoping i don't upset this babe someday 10 yrs from now when she skims thru' daddy's blogs!

Rest of the day was in high spirits{nothing to do with the C2H5OH, i am not that type:-)}... skipped my usually most important activity of the weekend to be next to my babes while she wakes up to handhold her and show her what's referred to as "Vishu Kanni"... its a tradition, its a practice followed by Mallu's worldwide.

Had a fantastic lunch at Red Chillies not because of the Mallu influence or the auspicious day... just a sacrifice for a friend who loves to eat Beef and this restaurant had one such dish! Life is all about these simple givings u see:-) and here's a precious snap just outside the restaurant with my other favorite baby macho boy!!!

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