Saturday, May 04, 2013


This morning the Home Title folks had dropped by my place for completion of Refi paperwork... This is a new trend since they anyway charge the customer for these royalties! My babes had just woken up and was clinging onto me while we signed the paperwork which is when the Refi lady made a comment...'She's a Daddy's Girl uhhh, for the next 15 yrs jokingly with a smile...' and this got me thinking, Time does fly off sooo fast! Soon before u realize, 10-12 yrs will fly by... How i wish, i can change the course of time only on this one thing and have my cutie babes be the bubbly beauty she currently is trying to utter new words, grasping ne'th n everything they get to hear n see! How i wish, these 15 yrs this lady was referring to is the equivalent of 1500 yrs of calendar time!
  I am reminded of some of the things my parents say about how i continue to be the small kid for them even today.
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