Thursday, April 25, 2013

Der goes my...

Every beginning has an end... Capitalizing on the remaining 107 days to go, i had made up my mind to get myself a trainer with the dreams of shaping up my not so shaped up body... When u r in the planning state, ambitions run higher than what u can think of... This helps because when realistic execution sets in, makes it real easy to get it all back on the ground!
All excited for my first session, was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge on food habits and diet... He kept goin thru' the long list of things that need to stay far away from my mouth & i had to ask him this Qn out of curiousity (how i wish i hadn't asked)... Is one drink a week bad at all from a diet standpoint and what if that's a Margarita? He gave a nice looking smile, nice enough to get me thinkin tat's totally fine...but the answer was faaar from what i wanted it to be... A resounding NO, with a justification that it had enuf sugar as in an ice cream etc... Life does come at u fast, very fast i guess!
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