Friday, April 26, 2013

R A G U S... Didn't know u were this deadly:-(

Of all things that came out during my session with trainer, the guy who contributed to most of the objections was 'ragus' who had a free ride at my place for almost the last entire yr... Just reverse the word to get the original word! I am so glad der's an natural alternate out der like Stevia... I have so much of hopes resting on Stevia now, almost as if my whole life is dependent on this from now on! How does man make these just-in-time discoveries? The last time i downsized on sugar was during the Splenda revolution only to later bite the bullet tat this isn't tested enough bla bla... Does my trainer have a vested venture in Truvia? Is he a sales rep for them? No way, not at all... After he just wants to see me in good shape!
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