Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am baaack!!!

   At the spur of a moment few mins back, not only did i remember somewhere at the back of my mind that i do have a long forgotten blog but also to imagine how wonderful it would be to get back with some updates... so here we go once again!

Time flew by, its been a little less than 3 yrs since i wrote...Life has really changed since i returned back from Cancun:-)  Time is 3x more precious to me now than it was then, i am super busy and have a wonderfully amazing 2 yr old cutie who mesmerizes me every second i spend with her!

Tommorrow is a big day... we have our most anticipated guest arriving by Noon! More than me, my wifey has been dreaming of this day for the past few months...May be, the excitement isn't contained which probably contributed towards me getting back to blog:-):-)

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