Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Got to share this... After 3 yrs in a row where i barely managed to get my taxes filed on the last day after getting an filing extension, this year was a welcome break where i didn't have to file for an extension or atleast i hope so!  Done with my paper work, handed it over to the tax consultant and hopefully he has filed it in time!
This tax consultant made me realize an important lesson... DO NOT disrespect the things that are easily available at your disposal! Not only did he not make me do a dozen visits to his office but also goofed up so many things in the process of filing... I was lazy enough to sit and enter the details into Turbo Tax but was made to do a whole lot more work as a cost attributed to my laziness! Thank you Turbo Tax for making our lives easier, i am sure u will forgive my ignorance this year of not using you and i am sure you will still let me use you for next year :-)

BTW, just so that no one else goes thru' the same pain i had to go thru'... if u need a word of advice, please do not use Jackson Hewitt tax services. I had seen a few ads that looked impressive and fell for that but realized that these guys are no expert tax consultants and use an antique software that isn't any good and their customer loyalty is below average!
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