Friday, April 19, 2013

110 days to go...

Another good day comes to an end...Had a good dinner at AppleBees to kick start the weekend. Looks like my love for AB isn't reducing ne'time soon, food just continues to taste as good as it can be:-)  The good thing is that the ambience is encouraging even for my baby to enjoy the settings compared to any other restaurant!

Aunty reached here this afternoon and my baby is already making the most of it:-) In more ways than one, i think she's made up of the same genes as me...To see this happen, observe and just have the sheer joy of letting your little one have a ball of a time is s'th that makes u blissfully forget the hundred odd things that run thru' your brain constantly.

and then, the Boston Marathon fiasco is a such a pathetic shame to mankind...Why would someone ever do such a thing to anyone? The more mankind advances, the more idiotic are some of the resulting actions. We all should pray to almighty that may such things never happen to anyone ever and never give human beings such a brain that could be misused like this!  We got to leave behind a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving society for our kids and future generations to come!
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