Monday, January 15, 2007

Funny dig @ Microsoft

I wonder if Microsoft can ever build one tenth brand equity of Apple...Mind you, Apple isn't a small niche company anymore.
Going by numbers, Apple has one fourth market capitalization as compared to Microsoft!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

This New Year was Special...

What can i say... The word 'New' will continue to resonate in my mind in the days to come. A new life(with a partner:-), A new home, A new client, A new city and lots of new responsibilities:-):-)

This New Year was a total family event...Its been 7 years since i got to be with my parents on this day. The plan was to watch a new Mammooty movie 'Palunku' just released at the old renovated Carnatic theatre near Townhall. The movie, screenplay etc was engrossing all the way but for the last 30 mins i would say. As my dad was not to keen on staying outside home late at night, the plan was to grab dinner and get home early enough before the crowd goes berserk in new year celebration. After some research, me and my brother had finalized a buffet restaurant at Hotel City Tower for our dinner plan. More than the food, it was a family outing together and i wanted to ensure that my parents feel special at the end of the day/year.