Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Good thing leads to another...

Sometimes, its not about what you know and what you don't... Its about just applying the hard earned facts you already know of all along the way! Its the facts you talk about with all your friends but missed out on executing them in one's own life :-)

Things got to happen when they are bound to happen...Why else would i never touch a salad all thru' 07, 08 and 09 (Yes, i am referring to the year!) till now and then request my wonderful wife not to pack any lunch for the coming Monday... Did the guilt feeling in me wake up one fine moment since i ate the delicious "Double Crunch shrimp" few hours back at Applebees while i watched my friend have a Salad?
What ever it be, i am glad the moment of awakening happened atleast now than later.

As i have my favorite Chinese Chicken Salad for lunch, a ray of thought runs thru' my mind... I am good at restraining myself only when i establish a hard line of control! This would mean that i establish a lunch pattern for the next few days and set expectations for my brain not to wander around at lunch time as to what i should be ordering for lunch... As i continue to chew my salad, i let the controller in me know that i will stick to a Salad lunch for the next 41 business days! A break on weekends would ensure that i don't get fed up soon enough... I will have to wait and see if i can really stick to my plan this time.