Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Principato is Smoooth!!!

I had never heard of this wine till a friend suggested this one in a B'day party @Olive Garden... The wine belongs to a class of its own and is one of the better wines i have had in the recent times! The only sad part was the fact that this wine is exclusively made for this restaurant and not sold retail.

For all those curious wine lovers out there, here is how "Principato" is described as on the manufacturer website:

Principato, meaning “Princely Realm” or principality, is named for northeast Italy’s Tre Venezie, a region embracing the majesty of the snow-capped Dolomite Alps and the picturesque beauty of Italy’s romantic Lake District. For wine lovers, the Tre Venezie is also source of Principato, one of Italy's most popular and affordable wines. Introduced in 1978, today it encompasses a contemporary range of the most popular varietal wines and blends.