Monday, January 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend @ Austin

Blog : End of labor day weekend!

As with all the wonderful things in this world, time flies by and u r left wondering if u spent all this time doing things u wanted do! One more Austin trip is over and we r now on r way back to SFO... Tennis and photography were the agenda I was thinking about while on my way to Austin and I am Glad trying out both of these with Giri who seems to mastering the art of being a guru in most things he does! BTW hats off to Gayatri's mom, food was always abundant and soo tasty that I ended up hogging a whole lot all thru' the day!

Sahi is becoming more and more cute by the day and is following her dad's footsteps well... She made sure that I put on my seatbelt while on the back seat in the car... She emphasizes the win factor and how to take a loss by the stride and also knows to imitate Lahari well :-)

As this labor day weekend comes to an end, I am reminded of the labor day last year... We had driven to Vegas as my parents were here and v had a ball of a time there! I stil remember the laughter series all thru' Bellagio with the uncontrollable fun my parents had... The 60 minutes break on r way back with Siva and all to figure out an emergency cure for Shanthi's dental problems... The Buffett feasts where there were so much stuff to eat and my dad not liking ne of it except some deserts!

The quote "Life is not determined by the number of breathes u take, it's the moments that take ur breathe away" is sooo true!!!