Saturday, December 19, 2009

On our way to Austin...

On our way to Austin... Reached LAX and looking for a good breakfast place around... Der is a Mexican place, cold sw place and Mc D here... Not in a mood for the big burrito's as the day begins... Cold sw are not my choice ne time of the day! Left with The only choice Mc Donalds... Hoping to settle down for a nice hot chicken sw with the limited options available here, go and wait in the long queue... Never Thot I would wait in a Mc donalds line on a nice bright sunny Saturday morning that happens to be a long weekend as well... How does it always happen that the lines I am not in end up moving fast? Finally as I make it to the counter, I realize the fact that Mc D sells only mc muffins for bfast... Why does it seem like u have every thing at ur fingertips with the most coolest gadgets all around u and still find it almost impossible to find one not so out of the ordinary choice of bfast the moment u embark on a vacation trip for long weekend???

The LAX flight was decent, except for the fact that I had to sit far away from my wonderful wife with whom I want to spend as much time as possible and except for the little harsh landing which almost makes u think if this happens to b the first flight trip for the pilot on a commercial plane... Ok, tat was a liitle bit of an exaggeration, I must agree!

V r still waitin for r boarding call for r next flight to Austin... As I told my lovely lady after gettin down at LAX, there were only 2 things in front of my eyes all along on the flight - Flood lights & tennis court... Yepp, waitin to get to Austin and play some good tennis with my old buddy / tennis coach... The only thing I can wish and earn for now is y in the world did I hardly go for tennis when I spent a good 18 months in Orange county... Was i acting More of a rebel wen Giri used to call me for Tennis... to be frank, I really don't know and looking back now, it's a huge huge loss that I am now trying to overcome..

BTW, little did I realize that I have not been keepin a tab on the time factor and it's already 10:40am.., time for departure of my Austin flight! The boarding gate printed on my pass seems to be incorrect and I can now see the fine prints reading "subject to change"... Thankfully, we did board the flight and are now about 60 mins from reaching Austin!!!
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