Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cancun deserves the hype!

We started our journey on Friday morning...we flew to houston from san jose, reached houston on time...all this while was not sure what was happenin to the Rafa vs. Murray semi final at wimbledon. Once in Houston, was texting Giri back n forth about tennis. Rafa won the match in straight sets and now the finals shud just b a formality to be completed. Co-incidentally, giri is flying to india from Houston on Sunday evenin while i am in the same airport 2 days prior to that and then 1 day after...felt really bad at loosing this opportunity of meetin Sahiti n all:-(

The drama had just begun to unveil at this point for our dream vacation... So, we now board on the flight to Cancun and the gates are closed as well...the pilot tells us that we are just 1hr 47 mins away from Cancuuun and i am more than eager to fast forward the time and here comes the next announcement - der's a lightenin alert and r flight is goin to b grounded till we get a clearance! It's a unique experience to b on a flight not anymore at the Gate, ready to take off with destination being less than 2 hrs away, about 100 metres from the run away, but parked due to an alert.. You are tempted to think tat the alert be called off on one end while u still r not sure if u will end up partying with the so called 'lightn'ing' up in the air!!! Long story short, we spent a whole lot more than 1 hr 47mins parked next to the run way and finally reached Cancun late evenin.

We checked in to resort and were impressed with the room, design, food and most importantly, the bartenders n umpteen choices of drinks!!!
Like with any good tourist places, one of the pain points u got to go thru' is dealin with the hundred odd timeshare guys approachin u n tryin to convince u to attend der presentation inspite of ur complete lack of interest! One of the reasons behind this is tat these guys who tailgate u get their commission based on the distinct headcounts they can manage to get to a presentation!!

we had our breakfast at Magnus restaurant..this place is awesome given the number of different cuisines, choices and ability to make a custom order of Pretty much anything from Omelette, french toast, burrito, sandwich, fresh juice and so on. Given a chance, i would bring this restaurant somewhere closer to my home in CA!

After breakfast, we take stroll around the resort and find a lot of inrerestin stuff.. The best realization personally for me was the fact that der were 8 different bars in the property and 2 of them were next to the 4 pools facing the beach... I must admit tat i have not slept properly since the time i got to see a bar that blends sooo nicely into a pool tat makes it pretty much accessible only from the pool!!! I think this is probably any man's dream to be in a beautiful pool facin the beach with the comfort of a bar next to u tat has unlimited supply of drinks just for u...

Also, forgot to mention, as an added bonus, all the gorgeous women in the pool were one more good reason for u to stick around:-) that brings up another interestin point... The more exotic the vacation town happens to be, the better ur chances to see the most gorgeous women! Now, u could derive few theories based on this-
1. Rich women tend to be more beautiful!
2. Richest of the men get the most gorgeous women!
3. gorgeous women prefer the most exotic vacations! :-)

Back to the point, we had a great lunch and then headed to the pool. The bar besides the pool was named 'Samoa' and had a superb setting. I was already drunk on so many different things that it's hard to recall when i was not actually drunk:-) my routine here at this resort followed a few simple principles-
A. If u r walking by and see a bar, grab 2 drinks!
B. Never get the same drink, always pick a different drink u have not had!
C. When u start feelin that u r not walking straight or the head spinning, grab Coconut Rum with Diet Coke as this is a light drink!
D. If ur stomach feels too bloated, u shud grab s'th to eat and then grab a drink!
From what i remember, these r some of the drinks i had-

1. Kiel
2. Laguna Izul
3. Sex on the beach
4. Long Island
5. Zombi
6. Miami Vice
7. Coconut rum & Diet coke
8. Smirn off & soda
9. Absolut Vodka & soda
10. Planters Punch

We then strolled on the beach for a long long walk as this is one thing Shanthi just loves to do... As we walked on the beach, i could see all the resorts one after the other and each one looked different...i must say, none of them looks as lively and full of energy as the one we were stayin in. Grand Oasis and Gran Melia Cancun looked huge as they had wide span across the beach. Finally, we reached Golden Parnassus resort which is a sister concern of the resort where we were stayin. While pickin the resort, i had almost narrowed it down to the this one before changing my mind. I am glad i picked Great Parnassus as it was well worth the money and much better than their sister concern and many other resorts i got to see there!
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