Saturday, January 05, 2008

Magic of Rain

The wakeup call this morning was nice... I had planned to get up early to go to the car body shop for getting an estimate of the other party car from the minor accident few weeks back.
I woke up hearing the drizzling sound of rain and continued to stay on bed hoping that my alarm wouldn't buzz till i'm fully done with my sleep! I was partially right, the alarm did heed to my wishes till i got a call from this person.

Only after i stepped out of my home did i realize that the sweet sound of rain i kept hearing this morning was actually from the relaxation fountain in my bedroom :-):-) Rain had done its magic late night and had cleared of well before i woke up... I was sooo glad the rain gods had read my mind and let me capture those beautiful raindrops still hanging onto the tip of leaves under perfect photo shoot conditions!

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Where do you go a year from today?

Its New Year once again! Time seems to fly by irrespective of how busy you are. Life is always on the fast lane even for couch potatoes...this is the fourth couch for me in the last one year:-)
This new year was a blast. We had been to a Mardi Gras Carnivale party with plenty of live entertainment, bands, dancing, circus etc.

I could have hardly imagined where i would be a year from now... I always wondered how it would be to go to a new place and start life afresh. Its been more than 7 months since we moved to Orange county. Orange county is great, just that i continue to miss some of my good old friends from Bay Area. Works keeps me more than hectic...I never knew i could do so much work all by myself!

When i think of it, the year 2007 has been quite eventful as such. Shanthi was finally with me in the US after all the dilly dallying with the TCS dilemma, we moving over to Orange county, my commencement of work at a client other than my long loved Gene, our up's (Getting EAD) and down's (H1 visa rejection) with visa and work status, Shanthi's first US job and all... and just around the turn of 2007 - 2008, i managed to make up my mind and buy my favorite Canon Camera and quickly followed it up with a BOSE speaker system! For all you know, i might be a contender for one of the better photographers by end of 2008:-)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Twenty Sieeeeex years is almost a lifetime!!!

As i hopelessly continued to chew the not so interesting lunch i get in my cafeteria, all my attention is on the news channel playing on the 52' TV mounted on the wall of our cafe.

The news on TV is about a person called Charles Chatman who was falsely accused of rape charges in 1981 by his neighbor... Guess what, he's being released now after 26 yrs because of some smart ass lawyer proving he hadn't committed the crime!

For the rest of my lunch, i was left wondering how it feels to be when you end up being in jail for 26 years for a crime you haven't committed at the most prime age of your life... What do you do if you were Charles?
Would Charles be motivated to actually commit such a crime inspired by Double Jeopardy?
Would Charles be thinking of finding another smart lawyer who could win him a couple of million dollars for the irreparable damage done to his life?

Maybe, a class in psychology might have been helpful. I realize by now that i have gulped thru' my lunch and its time to get back to work!