Sunday, November 19, 2006

Count Down - 3 days to go!!!

This is one good thing about keeping yourself busy... you don't get a chance to realize the enormity of the situation. It took me a few years to get convinced on the idea of getting married and here i am, left with 3 more days for the big day.

The n different tasks to be completed keep me occupied till i board the flight. The excitement of seeing my love gets me thru' with the long boring flight journey and now, the joy of being rite next to her keeps me ignorant of the upcoming big occasion:-)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All's well that ends well (-:) (:-)

It could very well fit in as a scene from an Indian movie... All set to make the trip of my life in a week's time, Life hasn't been more hectic than now. Got to complete important shopping for her, clean and vacate my apartment, wrap up the entire work i have been doing for my client, finish all needed paper work and more!

With so many different things juggling in my thoughts, the accident and the mess from it was another blow to dampen my spirits. Adding onto it was my mistake of not getting a police report filed nor getting a written evidence from other party accepting their fault. Will i be in trouble? What if the other party insurance doesn't agree? What if this isn't resolved in the next 5 days before i board the flight? Though i tried hard not to think of all this, these questions continued to flash by a few times everyday.

Sometimes things just happen as they are destined to happen! How else can i explain as to why the vehicle inspector coming all the way to my doorstep few minutes prior to my leaving for the airport (or) the fat cheque i get for my old car that is ready to be in trash yard?

I am so glad all of this was sorted out prior to my trip. It does feel good to get all things sorted out in time... vacating my apartment, moving stuff to Uday's place, transitioning work at client site, persuading my employer for an extended vacation and all!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Split Second...

I seem to be goin thru' a realization phase off late...though in a costly and reactive way:-) Another usual day at work, but for the fact that i am leaving on a vacation for the rest of the year exactly one week from today... Looks like my poor Honda Civic wasn't too happy with me going away from him for such a looong time!!!

I get off work at around 05:15 and plan on doing some shopping for my trip later in the evening. I was approaching 92 intersection on 280 when this lady on the right lane decides it's time for her to move onto the left lane...the only issue being she wants to displace me from the same lane and not giving me even few seconds to react. The end result- my honda civic is barely drivable, needs body shop work, needs me to be on the phone and argue with insurance agents, etc etc.

Its kind of demoralizing to see this car has been so loyal to me during the last 30 odd months while i have driven it all around bay area averaging ~100 miles a day. Not sure what the fate of my car is, it depends on if the lady will change her statement by tomorrow morning when my insurance agent gives her a call!

Looking on the positive side, I was really really lucky...
It was just last saturday that i dropped by my agent to realize that my insurance had actually expired. I am glad this happened this week rather than next week right on the dot when i would have been counting hours to board the flight:-) Had it not been for my good luck, there could have been cars pounding on me from the left and back while i had this incident let me waiting on the middle lane on the freeway! I am hoping that my lucky streak continues and the lady obliges her mistake tomorrow and makes the rest of my job easier...keeping my fingers crossed for now!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

R u a Lion or a Deer???

“Every morning in Africa a Deer wakes up and knows that it must run faster than the fastest Lion or it will be killed and eaten.

Also every morning in Africa a Lion wakes up and knows that it must outrun the slowest Deer or it will starve to death.

It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or Deer, when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.”

The way i c it, as long as the problem is one dimensional and is a question of survival, you give your best shot at it!!! In other words, it isn't the problem that actually ends up reducing your capabilities...It is the Manage, Prioritize and Shuffling act on a multitude of problems that actually gets you eaten!!!

Just jokin:-) The Deer and Lion stay focussed on what it's supposed to do and tat is the key!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It takes courage...

"It takes courage to push yourself to places you've never seen test your limits, to break through barriers."

Strangely enough, this quote was rite above my couch hanging on the wall...too bad, i didn't get to notice or read it all these years:-) Yes, this is the same couch that had the distinct pleasure of seating and comforting our lazy gang crew all this while!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Change isn't static ne more!!!

You never realize when you are headed for a U turn...
What i considered to be my home ground, mite soon be a far away location!
What i thot to be my work place will soon be alien to me!
When i almost believed that a 2 week vacation is what reality is, i end up taking a 2 month break!!!

Thanksgiving will never be the same again...I mean, it will be an occassion to celebrate for this lifetime!
Life won't be on my own terms ne more... I mean, in a very beautiful positive way:-)
This New Year brings in a nice fresh start... A new life, new home & a lot more!!!

The person i used to be, would have made a big fuss of all these random occurrences of events happening too closely, wondering if i am the culprit of my own desire. The 'Glass Half Full' part in me states there isn't ne th better than the fact that i have accustomed myself to the change factor... or, is it just driven by the truth that the longing to be with your loved one is sooo passionate and strong that it makes you stand by any change?