Monday, April 29, 2013

Can't think of a better representation...:-) :-) :-)

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SQL, NoSQL or KaunsaSQL ??

Just amazed at the pace at which new tools, technology continues to outpace each other... Never did i imagine the fact that i would need to juggle sooo many jargons especially when we are talking about an application space and not all of sofware!
& so many more... I don't think i can ever ever dream of mastering majority of these:-(

Friday, April 26, 2013

R A G U S... Didn't know u were this deadly:-(

Of all things that came out during my session with trainer, the guy who contributed to most of the objections was 'ragus' who had a free ride at my place for almost the last entire yr... Just reverse the word to get the original word! I am so glad der's an natural alternate out der like Stevia... I have so much of hopes resting on Stevia now, almost as if my whole life is dependent on this from now on! How does man make these just-in-time discoveries? The last time i downsized on sugar was during the Splenda revolution only to later bite the bullet tat this isn't tested enough bla bla... Does my trainer have a vested venture in Truvia? Is he a sales rep for them? No way, not at all... After he just wants to see me in good shape!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Der goes my...

Every beginning has an end... Capitalizing on the remaining 107 days to go, i had made up my mind to get myself a trainer with the dreams of shaping up my not so shaped up body... When u r in the planning state, ambitions run higher than what u can think of... This helps because when realistic execution sets in, makes it real easy to get it all back on the ground!
All excited for my first session, was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge on food habits and diet... He kept goin thru' the long list of things that need to stay far away from my mouth & i had to ask him this Qn out of curiousity (how i wish i hadn't asked)... Is one drink a week bad at all from a diet standpoint and what if that's a Margarita? He gave a nice looking smile, nice enough to get me thinkin tat's totally fine...but the answer was faaar from what i wanted it to be... A resounding NO, with a justification that it had enuf sugar as in an ice cream etc... Life does come at u fast, very fast i guess!

Pure Beauty!!!

Some moments are just worth capturing totally... A friend drops by our place and we get to see their baby after a long the midst of spending time with them and playing with both cuties, i attempt to take my friend's son by saying 'Come'...the first realization of how much my babes is hooked onto me...the first realization of how much my babes doesn't want me to get close to another baby in her presence... The first realization of the innocent cute eyes shrinking... The first realization of how much it pains in me even for the slightest shrink in her eyes, though happy that its me in context and yet sad that my babes also needs to go thru' these worldly emotions:-(.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I would...

What would i do if i were to contest in Mr.Universe? My answer to this Qn would be... I would eradicate Cold and Cough from this world for infants and if not the world atleast in USA, because these pediatricians aren't giving my babes any medicine and the flem is just too much in love with my babes:-(.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vishu Kanni

This Vishu almost got started off on a wrong babes {actually singular but the intensity with which she drives me makes it a plural:-)} was happily wide awake an hr before midnight and we were visiting a friend's place we hadn't met in a long time. In the midst of my conversations, s'th struck me that my babes who was playing upstairs with resident kids is upto yet another mischief...few seconds later, got to realize that she was licking a capsule that was an adult's medicine!

        I remember a friend of mine quoting this to me about kids... its either 3x the excitement or 3x the sadness when u deal with your kids, couldn't agree more. There's never a steady state, the moments of joy aren't contained in a positive way and the whole world comes crumbling down when they are down with slightest of the pain!

Luckily, this was only a scare that made us realize how much more careful we need to be while dealing with a bubbly, mischievous, naughty little babes... I am hoping i don't upset this babe someday 10 yrs from now when she skims thru' daddy's blogs!

Rest of the day was in high spirits{nothing to do with the C2H5OH, i am not that type:-)}... skipped my usually most important activity of the weekend to be next to my babes while she wakes up to handhold her and show her what's referred to as "Vishu Kanni"... its a tradition, its a practice followed by Mallu's worldwide.

Had a fantastic lunch at Red Chillies not because of the Mallu influence or the auspicious day... just a sacrifice for a friend who loves to eat Beef and this restaurant had one such dish! Life is all about these simple givings u see:-) and here's a precious snap just outside the restaurant with my other favorite baby macho boy!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

110 days to go...

Another good day comes to an end...Had a good dinner at AppleBees to kick start the weekend. Looks like my love for AB isn't reducing ne'time soon, food just continues to taste as good as it can be:-)  The good thing is that the ambience is encouraging even for my baby to enjoy the settings compared to any other restaurant!

Aunty reached here this afternoon and my baby is already making the most of it:-) In more ways than one, i think she's made up of the same genes as me...To see this happen, observe and just have the sheer joy of letting your little one have a ball of a time is s'th that makes u blissfully forget the hundred odd things that run thru' your brain constantly.

and then, the Boston Marathon fiasco is a such a pathetic shame to mankind...Why would someone ever do such a thing to anyone? The more mankind advances, the more idiotic are some of the resulting actions. We all should pray to almighty that may such things never happen to anyone ever and never give human beings such a brain that could be misused like this!  We got to leave behind a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving society for our kids and future generations to come!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Got to share this... After 3 yrs in a row where i barely managed to get my taxes filed on the last day after getting an filing extension, this year was a welcome break where i didn't have to file for an extension or atleast i hope so!  Done with my paper work, handed it over to the tax consultant and hopefully he has filed it in time!
This tax consultant made me realize an important lesson... DO NOT disrespect the things that are easily available at your disposal! Not only did he not make me do a dozen visits to his office but also goofed up so many things in the process of filing... I was lazy enough to sit and enter the details into Turbo Tax but was made to do a whole lot more work as a cost attributed to my laziness! Thank you Turbo Tax for making our lives easier, i am sure u will forgive my ignorance this year of not using you and i am sure you will still let me use you for next year :-)

BTW, just so that no one else goes thru' the same pain i had to go thru'... if u need a word of advice, please do not use Jackson Hewitt tax services. I had seen a few ads that looked impressive and fell for that but realized that these guys are no expert tax consultants and use an antique software that isn't any good and their customer loyalty is below average!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am baaack!!!

   At the spur of a moment few mins back, not only did i remember somewhere at the back of my mind that i do have a long forgotten blog but also to imagine how wonderful it would be to get back with some updates... so here we go once again!

Time flew by, its been a little less than 3 yrs since i wrote...Life has really changed since i returned back from Cancun:-)  Time is 3x more precious to me now than it was then, i am super busy and have a wonderfully amazing 2 yr old cutie who mesmerizes me every second i spend with her!

Tommorrow is a big day... we have our most anticipated guest arriving by Noon! More than me, my wifey has been dreaming of this day for the past few months...May be, the excitement isn't contained which probably contributed towards me getting back to blog:-):-)